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Kryton Concrete Waterproofing

Kryton concrete waterproofing systems solves all your concrete waterproofing needs, producing 100% waterproof concrete that is self-sealing and water-pressure-resistant from any direction. Kryton's revolutionary self sealing technology also has the benefit of potentially saving you thousands in reduced labor costs and reduced maintenance costs by giving you concrete that lasts far longer. Whatever you are building, Kryton has your solution.

Laticrete Construction Chemicals

Laticrete is an American manufacturer and marketer of globally proven construction solutions used in residential, commercial and industrial applications. For about 60 years, Laticrete has provided the technology, products and experience to make innovative, permanent installations and repairs for the construction market. Architecturally specified and professionally endorsed by installers, CLL offers Laticrete's Tile Adhesive and Grout 

Larsen Concrete & Plaster Bonding Agents

Larsen is an American firm who have been producing concrete and plaster bonding systems since 1952. Weld-Crete® will bond new concrete, portland cement plaster, and cementitious mixes to structurally sound concrete floors, walls, columns, beams, steps and ramps.

Oikos Breathable Paints

OIKOS Srl is an Italian based company, leader in the market of decorative paints and coatings.OIKOS boast a wide range of products both for interiors and exteriors and also a series of specialist products and coatings for use on wood, metal and plastics. The one constant in all of the company products is that they are water based and at low environmental impact. The company works with avant-garde technology to produce high performance and highly decorative products.

Sami Multilayered Pipes

The Sami Plastic PEXB-AL-PEXB multilayer pipe system combines the flexibility, chemical inertness and resistance to abrasion of polyethylene with the qualities of metal to guarantee high performance standards at temperatures up to 95°C and pressures up to 10 bar

GBM Scaffolding

G.B.M is an italian manufacturer of scaffoling and other construction equipments. Scaffolding are particularly suitable for construction and maintenance; the large range of accessories allows you to solve any problem of the pipeline, from shelves to external changes to the plans of discharge at different levels of the building.  

Wellcore Construction

Concrete Logistics has partnered with the South African market leader in ground water control, WELLCORE Closed Corporation, to provide the Nigerian construction industry it’s wealth of experience in Wellpoint dewatering.A wellpoint dewatering system is the most versatile form of dewatering, capable of dealing with a wide variety of ground conditions from very silty fine sands to coarse sands and gravel.

Machine Assisted Screeding & Plastering

Concrete Logistics offers machine assisted screeding and plastering. We have the top of the line Diesel-powered screed mixing and pumping machine and a Plastering machine and conveying machine for common and special mortars. These machinery enables us to offer better qualty screeding and plastering at a faster pace.

Concrete Testing

Concrete test is performed to learn more about the properties of a specific sample of concrete. A number of different tests can be performed on concrete both, on a job site and in a laboratory. Because concrete is an important structural element, testing is mandatory in many regions of the world, and construction companies must provide documentation of their testing and results when asked to do so by government representatives. Test results are also kept on file in case a problem develops in the future.


CONCRETE LOGISTICS LIMITED is a one stop solutions providers for all your construction needs.  We provides a wide range of Waterproofing Solutions, Construction Chemicals, Floor Coatings, Tiling & Stone Installation Systems, Breathable Paints & Pergolas.  We have been present in the Nigeria Market for over 10 years and have built a strong reputation working with many of the leading construction firms and consultants in the industry.


To us, a building project and service is more than just concrete and steel, brick and glass. They are investments made and dreams realized, representing time and money, sweat and tears. Reputations are made, Companies are defined, and a great deal is at stake for everyone involved.


Thus, Concrete Logistics  has partnered with leading global manufacturers of construction solutions in Europe & North America to become the ultimate one stop solution provider in Nigeria.  Our partnerships allows us to provide our customers with a wide range of prove  innovative & problem free solutions which will help our customers protect both their investment and reputation. This has allowed us to acquire knowledge, technology, and resources to meet our Customers needs and deliver customer excellence.






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