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Onitsha Mall 

Waterproofing of underground tank, roof slab terrace and roof drainage


Leaking Underground Tank, Roof Slab Terrace & Roof Drainage


Above and Below Grade



Akiota Works Ltd



Concrete Logistics Limited



§Krystol T1/T2 System

§Krystol Joint Repair/ Treatment

§Krystol Pipe Penetration Treatment


Concrete Logistics Limited was asked by the client to assess the general condition of the building and find a waterproofing solution to it. Upon visual Observation, it was realized that. Water seeps through the underground water tank area and the roof slab areas, roof drainage area,  the upstand walls were not dosed with our waterproofing admixture. Also the joint between the slab and upstand wall is susceptible to major leakage areas and the joint around the PVC pipe drains and concrete slab are also likely future leakage areas. 


The solution provided by the team include the joints identified in the assessment should be treated using our Krystol Joint Repair Treatment, while the surface parapet walls up to 500mm high to be treated using our Krystol T1/T2 surface Application Treatment & the pipe penetration areas to be treated with our Specialized Pipe Penetration Treatment  Krystol. This will render it water tight.

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