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Machine Assisted Screeding & Plastering

Concrete Logistics offers machine assisted screeding and plastering. We have the top of the line diesel-powered screed mixing and pumping machine plus a plastering machine and conveying machine for common and special mortars. These machinery enables us to offer better quality screeding and plastering at a faster pace.




Screed mixing and pumping machine














Our Screed mixing and pumping machine allows us to mix and pump traditional screeds, lightweight insulating screeds, mortar, concrete and aggregates.  We offer cutting-edge solutions designed to optimize working conditions on any work site. Our machinery responds to the demands of the market in terms of performance, mixture quality and reliability . It is built for simple and safe operations and complies with all international safety standards.



Plastering machine and conveying machine













Our plastering machine and conveying machine  pumps, conveys and applies mortars and plasters. Flanked to a concrete mixer, a pan mixer or a continuous automatic mixer, it allows to transfer common lime and/or cement-based mortars, concrete-based ready-mixed mortars, light mortars for heat and acoustic insulation, fireproof mortars and special concrete mortars to the point of use. These can be laid to build walls or applied to indoor/outdoor walls and ceilings by spraying using a suitably gun, both for common thick and thin-layer finishings, for structural recovery and renovations.It can also be well used to pump self-leveling screed, the injection of cement slurry at controlled pressure and the filling of joints and leaks on facing masonry. It respects national and international safety standards.








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