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FirstBank (Head Office) Marina:- Waterproofing Of Vault Room


Leaking Vault Room



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First Bank Nigeria



Concrete Logistics Limited



§Krystol T1/T2 System

§Krystol Joint Repair/ Treatment



Concrete Logistics Limited was asked by the client to assess the general condition of the building and find waterproofing solution to it. Upon visual observation, it was realized that, water seeps through the joints between walls/ plinths and floor slab, also water seeps through the concrete floor slab itself and adjoining walls to dampen the soffit of the vault. There was a large volume of sand accumulated on the slab surface most likely dust that has been swept off the ramps around the area. 

The solution provided by the team include treatment of the walls, slabs and joints after the  accumulated sand on the slab surface has been carted away. The wall/floor surface will be treated using our Krystol T1/T2 Surface Application Treatment while the joints between walls and slab and around the A/C Plinths will be treated using our Krystol Joint Repair System to make the slab impermeable to water. This will render it tight.

First Bank (Head Office)
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During Treatment
After Treatment
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