Most Vulnerable Concrete Details of Parking Garages to Keep Watertight

Without the proper waterproofing of parking garages, especially underground that are surrounded by water, significant issues can arise. Water damage can lead to costly repairs and restorations that can be disruptive to building occupants, cause unexpected costs and intensify safety concerns. Some damages can have serious consequences to the entire structure and often result in forced demolition if not treated on time.

Parking structures are different from other concrete buildings in regards to the risks they face:

  1. 1. Reduced roofing, cladding, and climate control results in a more severe direct or indirect exposure to rain, snow, sunlight, temperature variations, and airborne chlorides;

  2. 2. Water and waterborne contaminants can cause corrosion of reinforcing steel and compromise structural integrity;

  3. 3. Vehicular occupancy imposes heavy moving loads and deposits deicing salts;