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Avoid Deterioration of your Concrete in High Temperature Space in your Structure...

Do you know that high temperature of heat has effect on concrete? Concrete suffers deterioration; abrupt temperature changes can cause cracking and spalling due to thermal shock, and aggregate expansion can also produce distress within the concrete. The effects of artificially induced high temperatures such as might be encountered near furnace or in atomic reactors, in pavement subjected to jet engine blast, and in areas exposed to fire.

High temperatures also affect the compressive strength of concrete. Above 212º F, the cement paste begins to dehydrate (loses chemically combined water of hydration), which gradually weakens the paste and paste-aggregate bond.

The temperature that concrete has reached often can be determined by observing color changes in the aggregate. For example, limestone aggregates turn pink when they reach about 570º F, which can result in substantial loss of compressive strength.

Use a professional mortar adhesive (PYROFLEX) for your wall to avoid deterioration of your concrete in high temperature space in your structure.

PYROFLEX adhesive is a special highly effective adhesive for fire bricks and other fire resistant structural elements. Its base is the fire resistant against high temperature (temperature strength = +1.080oC)

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