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5 Reasons why your next concrete floor should be a Seal Hard Floor.

Reasons why your next concrete floor should be a Seal Hard Floor

1. Do you want your floor to last longer.

Seal Hard deeply penetrates and becomes a part of the concrete. It densifies your floor for life and makes it amazingly resistant to the scratching and micro-pitting that otherwise transforms an unprotected floor into a "dust generator." Seal Hard increases the strength of the concrete surface and adds many years of useful life to your floor. Long after other floor treatments disintegrate, your Seal Hard floor will still stand strong and clean.

2. You want a tough floor.

Seal Hard densifies concrete floors. Through a unique chemical reaction, Seal Hard penetrates deeply and reduces the surface porosity of the floor. Whether used alone or with mineral aggregate dry-shake floor hardeners, Seal Hard increases your floor's surface toughness by densifying the cement paste. Seal Hard treated floors are greatly resistant to abrasion and wear. Seal Hard doesn't alter the natural non-slip characteristics of the concrete finish.

3. You want to increase profits.

The installed cost of a new Seal Hard floor is significantly less than the cost of preparation and installation of top-coatings such as epoxy or urethane sealers. Your Seal Hard floor will have no film to scratch, peel, or discolor. Unwanted tire marks are a thing of the past. Seal Hard makes your floor resistant to spills and wear. That means your floor won't show its history of everyday abuse. Easy maintenance & no long term costs.

4. You want a protected floor.

The top 1/4 inch (5mm) of a concrete floor is called the Near Surface Wear Zone. It's this part of the floor that takes all the abuse from use and protects the rest of the concrete from outside world, from chipping, irreversible staining, abrasion, and general deterioration. Seal Hard seals, hardens, and densifies the Near-Surface Wear Zone through a permanent chemical Independent testing by Construction Technology Laboratories, confirms that Seal Hard outperforms leading competitors in the protection of this critical quarter inch of concrete floors.

5. You want a guaranteed floor.

You can be confident in the quality of your Seal Hard floor.

Thousands of Seal Hard customers, some owned

millions of square feet of protected Seal Hard floors themselves, are enjoying the benefits of dust-free, easy-to-maintain concrete floors. You'll find those floors in all types of businesses, including warehouses, distribution centers, food processing plants, bakeries, factories, pharmaceutical and electronics manufacturing, automotive repair facilities and retail stores. Seal Hard has been approved by the USDA for food processing areas, and conforms completely to EPA, state and local air quality standards. All that makes this part easy: Seal Hard is backed by a rock-solid, labor and material, ten-year guarantee.


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