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Kryton in West-Africa – Concrete Logistics Ltd.

Kryton’s line of Krystol technology has been proven effective in construction projects the world over, including West Africa. Projects like Parkview Estate, the Canadian High Commission Chancery, and the Pier Harbour Luxury Apartments located in Nigeria have all used Kryton’s Krystol technology to ensure a watertight project, along with many others in the region.

In order to ensure concrete waterproofing, expert distributors like us at Concrete Logistics Ltd. are set up throughout the world.

Concrete Logistics’ partnership with the world leader in concrete waterproofing technology, Kryton, has successfully offered an integral crystalline waterproofing admixture, Krystol Internal Membrane (KIM), for effective concrete waterproofing with minimum of 25 years warranty. This commitment to excellent products and expert service has provided our team with an ability to build trust.

”With our track record and knowledge of keeping water out of concrete, we believe our clients can build to any level below the ground surface,” Concrete Logistics’ Managing Director & CEO, Koye Rhodes says. “Our plan as an organization is to be able to ensure a seamless construction unencumbered by water during construction, prevention of water leakage after construction and during usage.”

With the effective and thoroughly tested Krystol technology at our side, we at Concrete Logistics are able to offer solutions to any concrete waterproofing problem that may come up during construction. The firm’s versatility, knowledge and expertise of concrete and water protection serve as the ultimate resource for clients, which maintain a foundation for solid client-company relationships.

We at Concrete Logistics have based our reputation on the following:

‘There is no room for error when it comes to concrete waterproofing, client’s management and satisfaction. They are based on trust earned through positive and conclusive results of projects done right and on time. Not just once, but through proven success’.

Concrete Logistics is continuing to expand its current markets with Kryton’s Krystol Technology and an eye on making its mark in the construction and concrete waterproofing industry in West Africa.

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