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Imagine the hustle you went through to build a suitable structure then afterwards this happened...

Constructions are prone to damage at certain times but a lasting solution is required. Consult the professionals to fix your structure.

Slab leaks occur when a pipe under the concrete slab springs a leak. The possible causes of slab leaks are:

  • – Improper installation of underground pipes

  • – Bad quality of the pipes used for an underground pipeline (copper pipes are at the highest risk of corrosion)

  • – Excessive pressure on the pipes due to soil shifting, which occurs in cases of soil erosion, earthquakes, or an underground stream

  • – Poor quality of the water. Highly acidic or alkaline water can result in the speedy corrosion of the underlying pipes

  • – Abrasion of pipes

  • – Aging of pipes

If a slab leak repair isn’t done at the appropriate time, it can lead to numerous issues, and, unfortunately, the issue can escalade quickly making this an unsafe situation. Slab leak repairs are can be very tricky as they require breaking through the concrete slab so that the pipe underneath can be fixed.

Here is a list of reasons why slab leaks are dangerous and what to do to avoid an unexpected emergency

1. Weakening of the Foundation

The major reason why slab leaks are considered dangerous is that they can weaken the foundation of the property. The integrity of the foundation on which your house stands can be negatively impacted, putting the residents at risk. The water pressure is so impactful that it can force a shift in the foundation even if your foundation is made from the sturdiest materials such as concrete and steel.

When a slab leak occurs, cracks in the foundation may appear. And if a repair is not done in a timely manner, the foundation might collapse over time.

Your property is at a greater risk of slab leaks if it is old, or if copper pipes were used with concrete slab foundations during construction. If your property meets any of risk hazards above, you should consider doing a professional inspection quickly and explore getting a slab leak repair to prevent a dangerous emergency from happening in the first place.

2. Devastating Financial Impact 

Slab leaks are quite hard to detect in the beginning. Homeowners may sometimes suspect it to be an irrigation-related issue only. As slab leaks do not pose any signs initially, it is only after the damage has been done that the first signs appear. This makes slab leaks a lot more dangerous because there are no visible signs making you unaware of the hidden dangers.

If you have any suspicion that you’re dealing with a hidden leak, it’s best to get a professional inspection to rule it out.

If slab leak is detected early on, getting it repaired effectively and safely is highly possible.

If a slab leaks for a prolonged amount of time, and the inspection or repairs aren’t done, you may get hit with a big financial impact. Getting the foundation of the entire home fixed will not be cheap. Even if the foundation has not been damaged significantly and it is only the pipes that need to be replaced – that too doesn’t come cheap!

3. Serious Health Issues 

Slab leaks mean damp and favorable ground for mold. The growth of mold is one of the last things anybody wants in their homes, and that is why a timely slab leak repair is necessary.

This is one of the most dangerous consequences of a slab leak. The mold may begin to grow underneath your slabs without you even knowing it’s there and produce spores which are highly tough and resistant. The air inside your home gets contaminated with mold spores, which can cause severe health problems, even death. Common illnesses include serious breathing issues, allergies, and asthma. The situation poses a much higher risk if you have infants and children in your home.

slab leak repair, should be a priority especially if you suspect that it could be causing the growth of mold in your home.

4. Warped Flooring

A slab leak causes the accumulation of water under the slabs. With time, this water can reach the floors of your home, making the first signs of a slab leak more obvious. The dampness from the accumulated water may result in warped flooring. When you observe your flooring looking uneven, you should consider contacting a professional that deals in slab leak repairs to stop the damage from getting worse.

If you delay repairs, you may be creating a high financial burden upon yourself. Not only will you have to incur the cost of pipe replacement and an expensive fix to your foundation you may also bear the additional cost of getting your floors fixed as well.

5. Water Pooling

Another reason why we consider a slab leak dangerous is because they likely cause pools of water to form in areas, like indoor and outdoor, where they shouldn’t form to begin with, causing unsafe conditions. Water pools outside your home can result in the rotting of the plant life.  And water pooling indoors can cause obvious and irreplaceable damage to your flooring and furniture.

In either case, the landscape and the interior of your property can get badly affected. To avoid unsightly damage to your landscaping and the interior of your home from getting serious water damage, consider getting slab leak repair at Concrete Logistics Limited for a one stop solution


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