Who Really Wants Waterproof Concrete Anyway?

Kryton makes concrete waterproofing products. More than that, we make concrete waterproof. But who really cares if their concrete is waterproof? Most concrete manufacturers will tell you that they can supply you a concrete mix that is watertight and to some extent they are correct.

A well proportioned mix that includes supplementary cementing materials and very little water, cast into molds under laboratory conditions, perfectly consolidated and cured should give you very low permeability when tested properly. But if you’re building a concrete structure that needs to keep water in or out, you don’t care about waterproof concrete, you care about having a waterproof structure. And there is a very big difference between creating low permeability concrete in a laboratory and building a high-rise tower or wastewater treatment plant.

Concrete structures are very complex. They include penetrations, inclusions, and thousands of joints including those dreaded unintended joints – also known as cracks. These structures contain embedded steel reinforcement; sometimes fiber; sometimes post tensioning. The concrete may be subjected to loading, temperature swings, chemical attack and more. The point is that the concrete structure you are building is not a cube in a laboratory.

Following this logic, we can see that waterproofing does not come out of a bucket or a bag. It is not merely a product. Waterproofing can only be achieved by combining a proven product with the extensive technical knowhow that comes from decades of real world, hands-on experience – the kind of experience that teaches you what really works and what really doesn’t.

Kryton can provide low permeability concrete, self-seal cracks, address penetrations, joints and other details, including construction flaws. Kryton has the processes, written procedures and technical staff in the field. We have the knowledge and experience that you need to build a waterproof concrete structure. And that’s all you really want, right?

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