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Concrete Logistics is a well know damp proofing and moisture Control Company within the construction industry. For a long period, we had notice that one of the major problems in house construction was plumbing which cause both moisture and water damage to walls. Though we have good quality plumbers in the country, the quality of materials especially pipes and their composite accessories could not be guaranteed as the quality of import products were below par and though most carried quality brand labels, there is no guarantee that the product you’re buying is that of the original manufacturer.


The effect of this is costly repair works and in most cases the cost went beyond the cost of replacement of material as other parts have become water damaged. In the case of conduit, walls have to be broken before the works can be carried out and then plastered and repainted. This coupled with the intrusion of workers and loss of use of the area can be very traumatizing.


To solve this problem, Concrete Logistics has gone into partnership with SAMI plastics to bring in genuine pipe of the highest quality. The construction of the pipes makes them the ideal pipes for use in water movement within a building. This is because of the way the pipes are constructed. It means that you can use a pressure pump and not worry about the pipe bursting as these pipes can withstand pressures up to 95 bars. The SAMI multilayer pipes consist of 5 layers but can withstand bends without losing their installed shape making them the ideal conduit plumbing material.


Concrete logistics are the sole importer/ distributors for SAMI pipes and we only sell directly to the construction companies and end users. We do not have sub distributors or resellers thereby we can guarantee that our product are genuine manufacturer’s quality products every time.


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The Sami Plastic PEXB-AL-PEXB multilayer pipe system combines the flexibility, chemical inertness and resistance to abrasion of polyethylene with the qualities of metal to guarantee high performance standards at temperatures up to 95°C and pressures up to 10 bar.



Piping systems making use of Sami Plastic multilayer pipes do not conduct electricity thanks to the cross-linked polyethylene lining, preventing any risk of corrosion of the metal layer due to potential difference.



The Sami Plastic PEXB-AL-PEXB multilayer pipe system guarantees an extremely long service life under the recommended operating conditions.



The Sami Plastic PEXB-AL-PEXB multilayer pipe system is certified for transporting potable water and alimentary fluids.


The double lining of cross-linked polyethylene improves the sound absorption characteristics with respect to normal metal pipes.



Thanks to the aluminum lining, thermal expansion is limited and comparable to that of metal pipes.



The low thermal conductivity limits heat dispersion, thus reducing the energy consumption of conditioning systems.



The structure of the PE inner walls of Sami Plastic PEXB- AL-PEXB multilayer pipes minimises the risk of abrasion and wear, even in very high speed fluid flows, while the absence of a rough surface reduces head loss.



Although Sami Plastic multilayer pipes are particularly light and easy to handle, they nevertheless have excellent structural characteristics.



The Sami Plastic PEXB-AL-PEXB multilayer pipe system has high corrosion resistance and, for this reason, is recommended for applications involving contact with particularly aggressive chemical agents, acids and bases.



Sami Plastic PEXB-AL-PEXB multilayer pipes can be easily bent, even down to very small radii of curvature, and retain their installed shape without requiring fittings or specials.



The Sami Plastic PEXB-AL-PEXB multilayer pipe system installed in accordance with current standards is guaranteed to be totally impervious to oxygen and UVA rays. This reduces the risk of scaling and the accumulation of deposits as well as the growth of bacteria and algae to a minimum.




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