LARSEN Weld-Crete® Concrete Bonding Agent

LARSEN Weld-Crete® Concrete Bonding Agent

Weld-Crete® bonds new concrete, stucco, tile setting beds and terrazzo to any structurally sound surface, interior or exterior. Use Weld-Crete’s® open time to your advantage in bonding to concrete shear walls when you need a time lapse between application of bonding agent, placement of reinforcement steel, placement of formwork and placement of concrete.


Features & Benefits


• Easy to apply, just paint it on!
• Interior or Exterior uses
• Vertical or Horizontal application
• Bonds to any structurally sound surface
• Covers approximately 200 to 300 sqft. per gallon
• Very long open time, 1 hour to 10 days prior to concrete placement
• Bonds to brick, block, tile, marble, metal, glass block, soundly adhered paint & silicone

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