Concrete Logistics in our continuous quest to provide first class solutions for solving many of the physical and quality problems in the Nigerian construction market, is proud to introduce OIKOS an Italian brand of Decorative Coatings and Paints.


OIKOS is the leading Italian manufacturer of one of the best water-based, breathable and Eco-friendly decorative coatings and paint products in the world.


OIKOS Italy offers a vast range of superior coatings and paints, which comes in a wide array of colours and finishing for interiors and exteriors for both cement plaster walls and concrete surfaces. Think unique decorative and protective solutions with no compromise to the opulent results the OIKOS range provides.


With the understanding that our environment and climate often leads to the deterioration of external facades of wall painting and coating especially in prestigious, luxurious and the high end segment of the Nigerian construction market, we bring you OIKOS, a name associated  with the most prestigious architectural projects within Italy and around the world, producing colour and matter for architecture.


We offer you an exquisite range of innovative and technological advanced paints and coatings for the  protection of facades by delivering high end performances that will improve life though colour.


Decorative Coatings



Decorsil Range



DECORSIL ROMA is a special, siloxanic, water based, matt finish, mineral paint for exteriors. It is water repellent, vapour permeable and extremely resistant. The product consists of siloxanic resins in water dispersion, which guarantee an excellent weatherability and maintain the vapour permeability of the substrate unaltered. Thanks to its water repellence, DECORSIL ROMA by OIKOS keeps masonry dry and improves energy saving; it also assures the best hygienic conditions and house comfort. DECORSIL ROMA by OIKOS can be used as finish coat on high diffusion plasters and on all wall surfaces. Due to its special characteristics, the product is recommended above all for prestige buildings and for restoration of old buildings of historical value. 


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DECORSIL Firenze by OIKOS is a water repellent, vapor permeable coating that offers outstanding resistance in the exteriors. Formulated with quartz powder having grain size of 0.3 mm it allows the achievement of cloudy effect, antique effect and orange peel effect. The product contains siloxanic resins in water dispersion, which guarantee excellent resistance to climatic conditions, leave unaltered the transpiration of the surface, and prevent the development of moulds and algae.


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Veldecor Range



VELDECOR is a semi-transparent, siloxanic paint, conceived to achieve decorative wash effects on exterior and interior walls. Working the product by using the brush, glove or marine sponge by OIKOS, it is possible to achieve prestigious aesthetic finishes that recreate the effect of ancient plasters. Its special characteristics make VELDECOR suitable for prestige buildings and restoration work on old town areas. VELDECOR is applied as the decorative finish of the following products: DECORSIL ROMA, DECORSIL FIRENZE, ARCHITAL, NEOQUARZ, ELASTRONG PAINT GUM and COLOR FINISH by OIKOS, guaranteeing the whole cycle exceptional water repellence and high vapour permeability also preventing the development of mould and algae. It has a low odour level, is non-flammable and is friendly to both humans and the environment.


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Exterior Coatings


Biocompact Range



BIOCOMPACT is a compact, exterior coating with a troweled effect, created using special silanised acrylic siloxanic resins in water dispersion. The product does not contain heavy metals or solvents and respects the environment and the health of those that use it. Biocompact is recommended for the protection and renewal of all wall surfaces including those with a thermal insulation system. It is vapour permeable, prevents the formation of mould and algae and is resistant to the elements and to frost thaw cycles. It is available in these three grain sizes: 1.0mm (Biocompact 10), 1.22 mm (Biocompact 12) 1.5mm (Biocompact 15)


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Protective Concrete Facades


Betoncryll Range



BETONCRYLL IDROREPELLENTE (WATER-REPELLENT) by OIKOS is a special protective coating for concrete with a transparent colourless finish. The product is based on silicone / siloxanic resins in water dispersion which penetrate the substrate deeply and provide a water-repellent barrier to avoid water stagnation on the surface allowing rainwater to slide along the walls preventing absorption and reducing dirt retention


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BETONCRYLL PIGMENTATO is a unique, coloured, high coverage, acrylic protective paint for concrete. The product consists of organic pigments, titanium dioxide fillers and modified acrylic resins in water dispersion that provide a waterproof coating resistant to frost thaw cycle and to the penetration of CO2 and SO2 gases. BETONCRYLL PIGMENTATO prevents the carbonation and the related oxidization of the concrete iron rods.


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BETONCRYLL SEMITRASPARENT is a special acrylic protective coating for concrete with a coloured yet semi-transparent finish. The product consists of modified acrylic resins in water dispersion that provides a waterproof protective coat resistant to the penetration of CO2 and SO2 gases present in smog and rain, that are today, the worst enemy of concrete because of its carbonation and the consequent rusting of concrete iron rods.



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The Climate and Environmental factors: The effects on external facades of wall paints and coatings


With the Nigerian tropical climate, our environment is susceptible to heavy rains, high humidity, condensation and high ground water table. This causes heavy water infiltration that releases soluble salts in the wall cladding. Once crystallized, this leads to surface bubbling and detachment of paint patina. 


These  atmospheric agents such as rain and wind impacts on the exterior surfaces, producing abrasive and defacing actions on external wall painting and coating.


Furthermore, the presence of humidity on cold walls including shaded surfaces and walls facing north creates conditions for the thriving of microorganisms such as algae, fungi and mould. This does not only deface the walls, but also constitutes a health hazard to the occupiers of the buildings.


Other problems that buildings face in Nigeria, includes Ultraviolet Rays(UV Rays) and atmospheric pollution. The action of UV rays can deteriorate organic pigments and overheats walls, thus producing differentiated dilation of building layers, that leads to formation of cracks that damages the wall coatings.


Atmospheric pollution such as sulphur dioxide and carbon dioxide creates highly aggressive conditions that also affects the external surfaces of both concrete structures and cement plastered walls.

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